Welcome to Bhavani Villa- Danta , Banaskantha , India

Bhavani Villa- Danta

"Bhavani Villa Danta" -    A colonial style villa, situated on a small hill and overlooking the Danta town on one side, the Old Palace on the rear side and the hills and forest on the other side. It has been home to the royal family since 1944. It is surrounded by the oldest mountain range "The Aravallis" which are still home to two very old tribes, the Bhils and the Garasiyas, who live in the little hamlets in these hills.

Using five of their rooms and adding modern amenities Bhavani Villa has now been converted into a home stay hotel, managed by the owners.  The guests enjoy traditional Rajput style home-cooked food, very different from the cuisine to be found in hotels! The house is at the edge of the forest so guests can take a morning or evening walk in the jungle and enjoy the flora and fauna. Excursions to Jain temples like Kumbharia,Taranga or Sun temple at Modhera and Rani-ki-vav & Vadnagar are also possible.

They may also visit the Marwari Stud Farm to do some leisure riding.


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